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Sums Ferret Rescue

December 14, 2013 3:01 am

Hi Rose. Thanks again for everything you did to help us out this week!!!! That was most unexpected and very much needed. The proceeds from FFFAH will be going straight to our vet bill. Wow!! you are such an angel. Thank you!!!!!<3


Just got the bedding they look exceptional. This is top quality and I know my babies will love them, thank you


I have been buying from Rose for many years! The quality of her bedding is excellent. I have brought for myself and as gifts. I can always count on good quality bedding.


Hi Rose:

I never thanked you for the fantastic bedding that you made and sent for me. It was more than I had hoped for, and the ferrets love it.

Thank you so much. I hope that you have happy holidays!


Aimee I can't say enough great things about her bedding. I only wish I found this site before looking on eBay for bedding. The previous stuff is ok, but Rose makes top notch, beautiful bedding!


Jean Your bedding is the BEST bedding!!

Kendra I have your stuff for 4 or 5 years now washed 2 times week still in perfect condition.

June I think your bedding is awesome!

Staci I absolutely love your bedding

Eri a longtime customer, I can attest to the quality and durability of Rose's bedding!

Michelle I can honestly say that stand up wash after wash and the only reason I buy more is for the cute patterns. Rose's bedding is def worth it!

Lisa I still have bedding you made that I bought in 2005-- hundred of ferrets have enjoyed them..

Kelli Rose, I am amazed at how well your bedding holds up, you will always get support from me!

Paula I have kept up with your products for years, and own bedding that you have made. It is of supreme quality

Lori I have bought your bedding for over 10 yrs and it is all still in use---not one hammy, cuddle cup, or any other item has ripped. Your products are top shelf all the way.

Susan My ten ferrets are using several of your sets and they are holding up and outlasting everything else I have wash after wash!!

Drea I have several pieces from LFFB studio- Rose Lffb German only makes the highest quality bedding. It stays soft, vibrant colors and strongly formed after several washes and silly ferrets. I highly recommend her products and consider my ferrets spoiled to have such gorgeous bedding

Jan Your bedding is all I use now! My 6 babies love it and so do I. It's so sturdy and adorable at the same time. You can use us for testimonials!

Ðudley i have dozens of sets of Little Feet Ferret Bedding that i use. i am very, VERY happy with the quality of Rose Lffb German's products. in fact, i recommend them to anyone who asks without the permission of Rose. her products are in almost all of my photos and i will continue to purchase quality products from her house. i have sent sets to some ferret owners in need and all of those people have been pleased with their gifts. i rate her and her business 5 out of 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Traci I have lots & lots & lots of Rose's bedding! I've bought some as gifts too. It is awesome! I run it through the regular (not delicate) cycle of the wash and it holds up perfectly!

Fox Valley We have nothing but good things to say about it and have sent a number of adopters in your direction-including one in the last 2 months or so!

Karla I have several beddings bought at least 5 years ago and they have been washed and washed and washed and they last forever ! Absolutely love your products and Hi from France

Stacey the BEST bedding I have ever had!

Dave Uhmmmmm... lets see, We purchased our first set of LFFB bedding around 4 years ago and many pieces are still being used today. I'd say we more than got our money worth, the colors are still vibrant, and our kids are still quite happy and comfy. And on another note... I ask all of you to look in any of the ongoing fund raisers out there, or think of those gone by. Everyone, yes every one of them, had a donation from Rose. Not only do the sales of her bedding help fund rescue, she selflessly supports any ferret in need. When I need bedding... guess where I will go!

Angela  the people that have bought from you will always recommend you because your bedding is of top quality.

Anna I still have my original bedding from over 10 years ago. The pattern has almost faded, but I still use it because it is in fantastic condition!!